Dario Scopesi
(NB email me for a more detailed and up-to-date version of this resume)

Age: 26 (I was born on March 10th, 1973)
Citizenship: Italian
mailto:dario.scopesi@usa.net - https://members.tripod.com/darioscopesi

MS in Computer Engineering
7 years C++ under Windows, commercial
3 years java (networking, JDBC, ORBs, e-commerce, servlets), commercial application development, teaching
RDBMS commercial exerience
OOD with UML

MS degree (Oct 1998) in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, rating 100/100.
The subject of my thesis is the realization of a Windows based distributed control system
for mobile robots, using a new deadlock detection algorithm that I developed.

English: fluent, oral & written. TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) score: 593
I've been travelling a lot in english speaking countries.
French: basic, scolastic

Programming skills
C++: I begun with C++ in 1990, and have been programming in this language since then.
In 1992 I started programming under Windows, using both Windows API and (later) Borland OWL.
Among my works, beside those that can be found from my home page (one of them, SlipTime,
is a product which I continue to support since 1995, following the users' reqests and suggestions),
a GUI environment written from scratch, an AI project published on a
major computing italian magazine in 1991, a 2D functions interactive plotter,
an interactive 3D worlds modeler, a multimedia editor and viewer, and many more.

JAVA: My first applet is dated November 1995, and was published on the book
"Foundations of Java programming for the World Wide Web" (IDG Books).
In March 1996 I wrote a network multiplayer package and a demonstration game (one of the first networking applets around, by that time...).
It was rated 'Top 5%' by Jars. Then some other works, but 1 year of military service reduced my free time...
In 1997 I held a Java course for a training institute.
Recently I've realized a servlet-based e-commerce package for a small firm, featuring a large use of JDBC.
Just for hobby I'm working on a virtual desktop project on my own, using a proprietary ORB
(but now I'm moving to CORBA). I usually work with JBuilder.
I'm studying to take the Java Programmer Certification.

DATABASE: I realized several medium size (600-700 man-hours) projects (network distributed)
with Microsoft Acccess for several firms, from the customer interview to the post sale assistance.

WINDOWS INTERNALS: during my C++ activity, I exploited many technical aspects of Windows programming:
multithreading, DLL's, message loops and deadlocks, InterProcess Communication,
memory mapped files, serial communications, TAPI, RAS, and, last but not least, Winsock and TCP/IP.

BASIC: Just for reference, I started programming in Basic when I was 10, on a Sinclair ZX81.
Things evolved a bit, but in 1995 I returned to this language to do database programming with Access.

ASSEMBLER 80x86: medium level, I wrote in the past years some "tricky" utils and, ok, some cracks...
(no, any virus! but I loved to study them...). I use successfully for many purposes
tools like TurboDebugger and SoftIce.

(Fuzzy)CLIPS, LISP: I've had some academic experiences with these languages

RATIONAL ROSE/UML: I've been working with this tool for my graduation thesis

LINUX: I've been using it for a period, especially to write some simple console utilities

Working Experiences

Since I was 18 I've been working as a consultant for various firms.

1991-1996 (reserved): several contracts for various scientific tools with C++ (DOS & Windows),
and Information retrieval (Access). I can't write here the name of the firm, contact me for more details.

1995-1996 Neusiedler Italia srl: LAN distributed aplication for a complete business automation

1997 Istituto Leibniz srl: Java Teacher

1998 Purina Italia spa: WAN distributed application for office automation tasks (Access,SQL)

1998 JCN Brainware srl: Multimedia authoring & viewing tool,
similar to a browser, with graphics, hyperlinks, animations, ecc.
                        The tool is open to different document formats, and allows also
                        for the management and the hierarchical organization of documents.
                        It's currently used to publish multimedia courses on CD.
                        Servlet based e-commerce Java package,
                        with heavy use of JDBC, highly configurable directly from the browser,
                        easily scalable.

1999 TIBCO Finance Technologies: Server side applications, API design, communication protocol design for a project on enabling stockmarket operations through mobile phones.

Countless PC and LAN installations, configurations, troubleshootings, ecc.

Ideal job
My ideal job has to do with Object Oriented systems and tools, distributed computing
and the exploiting of new network uses, with a preference for Java development..
I don't like routine work, but prefer to focus on a specific project.
I like team work, and I think I have good communication skills (according
to the people I've been working with!).

I'm young and programming has always been my favourite hobby,
so I'm willing to work hard for a company that can offer me
a challenging job.